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Planning Your Swimming Pool: Equipment & Automation

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, May 01, 2012

master pools guildEquipment

When building a pool the equipment options seem endless. But don’t worry, other than specifying the level of automation and special features you would like, your Master Pools Builder takes care of the details. We are proud of the level of expertise on equipment and technology each one of our members has obtained. This is a big advantage in the pool industry and we are not afraid to say it!

Our members increase their knowledge and expertise on new equipment and technology by attending seminars run by suppliers. In addition to these seminars, our members have a network of over 100 of the world’s finest pool builders to consult on the merits of certain equipment. We stick together at Master Pools Guild and help each other grow as powerful pool companies.


When considering your automation options, we at Master Pools Guild can advise you on allmaster pools guild your ideas. Such as:

  • Automatic controls: operating Your pool has never been so easy
  • Pump, heater and filtration systems: Help your pool work at optimal performance
  • In-floor cleaning systems: Sit back and relax as your pool cleans itself
  • Automatic covers: Help Reduce evaporation and loss of heat
  • Automatic sanitizers: Leave the handling of chlorine to this great system

Let us know what you have in mind and we can find the best solution for you, your lifestyle and backyard!



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Planning Your Swimming Pool: Landscape Integration, Pool Shapes, and Special Features

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, May 01, 2012


At Master Pools Guild we believe in a total landscape integration of the design and materials for the pool, patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen/BBQ area, walkways, spa and water features.

master pools guild








 Imagine this…

  • The site-line from the patio table across the pool to your landscape horizon
  • Landscape and rock wall formations creatively planned to provide privacy from nearby neighbors
  • Cascading waterfalls or fountains providing subtle music to sooth you while they mask area noise
master pools guild

The list is endless, but the results of a good plan are breathtaking. The plan starts with your vision, but a Master Builder can help you paint the picture. Start by listing the living areas you visualize for your yard. Such as:

  • Where do you see yourself enjoying a backyard dinner?
  • Do you see a children’s play area nearby?
  • Would you like to see the pool from the house?
  • What pool shapes do you like?

master pools guildPool Shapes

Custom pools come in endless shapes and styles. Your property and the lifestyle you wish to have around your pool have a significant reflection on the shape. Consult your Master Pools builder about the merits of different options and their personal recommendations.

Every Master Pools Builder builds custom concrete pools, but we also have many members that also build vinyl-lined pools to meet regional market demand. Our builders are dedicated to build quality pools.


Special Features

No pool is complete without special features. At Master Pools we view pool planning as a reflection of your lifestyle needs. So when you are designing your poolscape consider this:

  • Water and light features
  • Safety features for children
  • Entertaining areas for guests and parties
  • Spa features
  • Nature highlights

Let’s bring your dream pool vision to life!


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Planning Your Swimming Pool: Selecting the Best Pool Builder

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, May 01, 2012

master pools guildChoosing the company to build your pool is one of your most important decisions. Building and designing your backyard oasis takes time and practical thinking. We’ll help you find the builder that bests suits your needs, located nearest you!

The bigger or more complex your project, the more critical that decision becomes. You need a company with creative and technically competent experts. Members of the Master Pools Guild have the experience and the professional expertise to manage complex projects to both budget and timeline expectations.

The resources that Master Pools Guild members have at their disposal are master pools guildunparalleled. In addition to ongoing educational programs with suppliers, members can consult with more than 100 elite member builders from around the globe – all builders of the world's finest pools.

With technology becoming more sophisticated, having a builder with this kind of resource is invaluable. The Guild's bank of knowledge enables a member to provide you with the creative options needed to meet your most challenging poolscape dreams.

To see for yourself how creative our builders are, visit our Web-gallery and your local member's Website.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest company news.

To find the Guild member nearest to you, visit to our Member Builder Search page.

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Planning Your Swimming Pool: Our Philosophy

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, May 01, 2012

master pools guildOur philosophy at Master Pools Guild is to provide you with the most creative minds the pool industry has to help you achieve your dream poolscape. When you plan your poolscape with a member of the Master Pools Guild, we guarantee a unique experience because our members meet regularly to share new ideas on pool design and landscaping techniques. The cumulative experience of building thousands of swimming pools in diverse areas of the world gives Guild members an unrivaled bank of ideas.

Building a pool starts with careful planning and is an important financial investment in your home. Consideration must be given to the shape of the lot, the existing landscape, the terrain and the maximum sun exposure. Other considerations are lifestyle, entertainment needs, safety, budget, and the preferences of the pool owner.

We believe that all pools should be designed to blend aesthetically and creatively with itsmaster pools guild natural surroundings for the best possible backyard environment. We can turn your backyard into your personal backyard oasis.

A Master Pools Guild member incorporates the latest equipment technology in all the pools and spas they build. Recent technology enables pool owners to control lighting, temperature, and water features such as fountains and waterfalls all from one control system located inside the residence - or by a remote Personal Digital Assistant anywhere within frequency. They use only the finest filtration, heating and chemical control systems in the industry. A Master Builder can advise you of options or make the selection in your best interest.

master pools guild








Whatever you can imagine we can bring to focus. We build to meet your dreams: a lap pool for exercise, a natural setting with waterfalls, a family entertainment center, or a breathtaking vanishing edge pool – a Master Pools Guild builder does it all.

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