Memphis Pool’s Aqua Angels Are Jumping into the Pool in December!

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Swimming pools and swim teams are not always the normal holiday discussion unless, you happen to live in the Memphis area or know someone involved with Memphis Pool.  Memphis Splash was started in 2010 by community coalition Splash Mid-South as a way to introduce minority children to the benefits of swimming as a team in a competitive environment. The swim team’s purpose is to connect brand new Splash Mid-South swimmers who have completed beginner swimming lessons to the next level of swimming on a developmental team. This exposure to the sport of swimming promotes and develops character, responsibility, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and physical fitness in each athlete. Memphis Splash has 52 members on their swim team. Many of these members come from under- privileged environments and need assistance in getting equipment and lessons necessary to compete. Learn more about the team at

Memphis Pool Aqua Angels                Memphis Pool Aqua Angels waiting for sponsorhip to send them into the pool

Memphis Pool has been a supporter of Memphis Splash since 2010 and will be continuing the project this holiday season. Memphis Pool offers 10% off a customer’s entire purchase when they bring a donation for Memphis Splash to any Memphis Pool retail store now through Dec.31.   Make A Splash Memphis Pool

Members of the swimming pool and spa industry know of the numerous ways that Memphis Pool works to stay involved in community and to be a larger part of solving community challenges.  From recycling swimming pool covers, to participating in the World’s Greatest Swimming Lesson, to work with their local Children’s Museum, Memphis Pool’s leadership continues to push forward their ideas of community and family.  One of their managers, Josh Henderson, recently stated “Mr. Reed often shares his philosophy that it is never wrong to do the right thing.” 

Memphis Swimmer

Promoting the love of the sport of swimming truly is one of those right things to do & bravo to Memphis Pool for finding a way to do this 12 months a year. 

Once sponsored, the swimmer's photo moves from the blue bucket into the pool.  Memphis hopes to have all 52 swimmers in the pool by Christmas Eve!

 If you would like additional information on the Memphis Pool Aqua Angel program, contact             Josh Henderson at Memphis Pool:

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Why Buy A Pool From A Master Pools Guild Builder?

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Nov 04, 2013

There is no better place to look for a pool for your family than a Master Pool Guild Builder.  While the swimming pool and spa industry offers numerous organizations for builders to join membership in the Master Pools Guild is handled differently.  Guild members have to be invited to join and the membership process includes review and verification of financial strength as well as a check with the Contractor’s license board in the state where they build.  The Guild will also verify with pool supply vendors if the perspective member pays their bills on time.  Once all of this is checked out, then the new member is approved to join the Master Pools Guild. 

Mission Pools   Pool design and construction by Mission Pools San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties

The Master Pools Guild is made up of approximately 100 members.  It is the only international group of its kind. The Guild has been in existence for 51 years and prides itself on building quality pools with the best equipment available.  Adding to what makes the Guild unique is that the members meet twice a year to discuss and share with each other new ideas and better ways to build pools.  Since our members do not compete with one another there is no limit to what its members will share. 

Mission Pools   Pool design and construction by Mission Pools San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties

The Master Pools Guilds past director Cruse Lewis said; “There is no question that the opportunity to exchange confidential information with each other has resulted in our pool builders increased profitable sales and companies to grow stronger.  I firmly believe that this exchange of information has led to the guild evolving into a superior organization for the betterment of the Master Pools Guild family and the community”.

Mission Pools   Pool design and construction by Mission Pools San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties

 The Guild established A Code of Ethics years ago that each member must still follow today.

 To hold inviolate the concepts of free enterprise and unselfish service to the public.

  1. To continually strive to gain respect for the industry, both locally and at the national level.
  2. To make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the installation of swimming pools.
  3. To support all efforts to improve swimming pool products and service.
  4. To advertise and sell the merits of their own products and refrain from attacking competitors.
  5. To reveal all material facts, to avoid concealment of information in advertising and selling that might cause customers to be misled.
  6. To advertise only bonafide prices and products and to refrain from the use of “bait” advertising methods.
  7. To design or build in a manner compatible in every respect with public health and safety and to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances or regulations.
  8. To fulfill contractual obligations, to offer a reasonable warrant of products and services, and to perform on such warranty, either written or implied.
  9. To refrain from owning, investing in, joining, operating, being employed by, or otherwise participating in, directly or indirectly, any organization similar to the Master Pools Guild.

For 51 years the Master Pools Guild members have been building pools worldwide.  The members continue to work together to build better pools for the community.  The members build fun and everlasting memories for families. 

Mission Pools has been a member of the Guild since 1983.  The sharing and camaraderie amongst the members with each other is second to none.  Members go to great lengths to support in any way their fellow members much like a family.  When you buy a pool from Mission Pools, or another Guild member, you are buying a Master Pools Guild pool and we welcome you into our family.

Brad P. Cotton

CFO, Mission Pools

Chairman of The Board of Directors,

Master Pools Guild 


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