Master Pools Guild Honors Gib-San Pools, Ltd.

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

Forever setting new trends in the pool and spa industry Gib-San Pools, Ltd, strives to provide their clients with unique, custom swimming pool environments and this pool and spa combination is an award winning example.    

Gib-San Pools Outstanding Spa DesignWhile a current trend in pool design is having an attached spa that flows into the swimming pool, this design does the exact opposite – the swimming pool appears to flow into the spa which sits a bit lower than the pool.  The pool uses an underground reservoir to store the excess water needed and the effect is quite unique and certainly visually appealing.  The spa measures 8 feet in length and is 3 ½ feet deep.  The seats in the spa are contoured which required special forms be pressed into the concrete during construction.  Contoured spa seating, traditionally found primarily in fiberglass spas, conforms to your body and offers increased comfort.  Custom spa design also allows for jet placements to be varied providing the customer options for enhanced hydrotherapy benefits. 


As part of The Master Pools Guild annual Excellence Awards Ceremony (March 2013), this spa by Gib-San Pools, Ltd., was honored with the first Outstanding Spa Award.  This new series of awards for outstanding designs were presented to entries scoring the highest points in their category during the judging process. Gregg Price, of A & A Manufacturing, an annual sponsor of Master Pools Guild, presented the award to Gib-San Pools.

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