Hayward Pool Products Moving Up In 2015 With The Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, Jan 23, 2015


Gold Level

Richmond, Virginia, January 23, 2015, The Master Pools Guild announced that long time partner and annual sponsor, Hayward Pool Products, Inc. has elected to increase their annual sponsorship moving them into the Gold Level category.  “Our longstanding partnership with Hayward is important and appreciated,” shared Dick Covert, executive director of the Master Pools Guild.  

Hayward Pool Products joins Biolab, Pentair Aquatic Systems, Pebble Technologies, Pool Corp. and Zodiac all of which have been gold level sponsors for multiple years.  Covert added,  “Our annual sponsors make a huge impact on our educational programs and our marketing efforts which are quickly becoming one in the same.  They know how much we appreciate them as partners and I feel they appreciate the impact we are making with today’s consumer and the benefits this brings our industry.  We are thrilled that Hayward is expanding their support.”

Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world.  Headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Hayward designs, manufactures and markets a full line of residential and commercial pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, heating, cleaners, salt chlorinators, automation, lighting, safety, flow control and energy solutions.



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Jorge Martinez, Watermaina, S.A. Pool & Spa News 2013 Award

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, Aug 30, 2013

Watermania, S.A., Master Pools Guild member headquartered in Guatemala, has been recognized by Pool & Spa News with a 2013 Masters of Design Award for this striking and unique swimming pool design. 

Watermania, S.A.

The article in Pool & Spa News is captioned “Lush Life” and explains that the architect, Juan Lacape, & Watermania, S.A. president, Jorge Martinez, worked together to design the pool to frame the homeowners view of Guatemala’s San Pedro Sula City.  A limited amount of available space kept the vanishing edge pool design to approximately 30 feet of swimming area.  A shallow-water sun shelf is an additional design feature that compliments the clean lines of the pool while increasing usability.   

The design team incorporated dark colors for the pool using black tile for the sunbathing areas and blue for the pool.  The effect gives an added sense of depth when looking out from the windows.  The unique use and placement of wood in the design gives the steps the illusion of floating and blends seamlessly with the home’s modern architectural style.  “The wooden areas are not aligned, so they look as if they are floating…inside the pool.” stated Martinez.

Watermania, S.A.

In 2011, this pool was awarded the 2011 Master Pools Grand International Award of Excellence.  That award is bestowed on one pool design each year by the members of the Master Pools Guild.  Watermania, S.A. is the only member of the Master Pools Guild to win that award in two consecutive years, 2010 & 2011.  

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Mark Dorsey, Medallion Pool Co. "If I Can Dream It, I Can Build It."

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, Jul 25, 2013


Mark & Lynne Dorsey

            Mark & Lynne Dorsey, Owners of Medallion Pool

The members of the Master Pools Guild come from all corners of the world and from various and varied backgrounds.  They are artisans, designers, water shapers and professionals in every aspect of their businesses.  We proudly share their accomplishments with you. More often than not, those accomplishments come to us from other media resouces as with the article we have attached that profiles Mark Dorsey of Medallion Pool in North Carolina. We invite you to sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy this insight into a true industry visionary.  A man who loves his work, his craft and who is receiving a good bit of well deserved attention as a result.

Click Here For Full Article: Medallion Pool

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Rainey Pool Company, Texas, Honored By The Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, May 30, 2013

Outstanding Traditional Pool

A new set of awards were announced at this year’s Excellence Awards Ceremony by the Master Pools Guild.  These awards were bestowed upon the designs that scored the highest points in their category during the judging process.  Rainey Pools of Texas was awarded the first Outstanding Traditional Pool Award for this design.  The Tiffany trophy was presented by annual sponsor Pool Corp.’s Manny Perez & was accepted by Tim Rainey, Jr. for Rainey Pool Company.

This backyard oasis is located next to the water and was constructed utilizing 13 wood sub-pilings to support the gunite retaining walls.  This unique design includes a play ledge, attached spa and gas fire pit.  The pool scape measures 36 feet long and 3 ½ feet deep – providing the perfect cool, refreshing escape for the owners and their guests.

"The swimming pool on this property is the perfect finishing element - truly custom designed and complimenting the home.  This is one of the areas where our members excel." Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.  For more information on the members of the Master Pools Guild visit  ABOUT THE GUILD &/or -Testimonials.

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Mission Pools Honored By Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, May 17, 2013

Swimming pools and spas come in all shapes and sizes but none have a champagne acrylic spa suspended over the pool and overlooking the Pacific Ocean – at least not until now.  Constructed using stainless steel structural members welded to a stainless steel post that extends down below the pool floor.  The all glass tile, quarter circle pool was built with a stainless steel coping and a rotating post which is designed to allow the interior quarter circle of the house floor to rotate from inside the house to outside the house and cover the pool when the owners would like to use it for outdoor dancing!  This pool is truly extraordinary in design and absolutely stunning to behold. 

Outstanding Tech Achieve

The Master Pools Guild, during the March 2013 Excellence Awards Ceremony, announced a new series of awards.  These awards were bestowed upon the designs that scored the highest points in their respective categories during the judging process.  This swimming pool design was awarded the first Master Pools Guild Excellence Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement.   The trophy was presented by Art Grimmitt of Pentair Aquatic Group, to Jeff Dunn of Mission Pools of California.  Somehow it seems very appropriate that we say “To the entire Mission Pools Team, Congratulations and Cheers!

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Master Pools Guild Bestows First Ever Industry Icon Award

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Apr 03, 2013

Every March, members of the Master Pools Guild gather for their spring meeting and the Master Pools Guild annual Excellence Awards.  The Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievements in many areas including design and technical engineering.  This year, there were a few special additions to the award’s ceremony, the first of which was an award not for swimming pool design or technical engineering achievement but for contributions made to the Master Pools Guild over the past several decades.  For contributions of guidance, inspiration, and partnership Vance Gillette was awarded the Master Pools Guild’s first Industry Icon Award.  

Master Pools Guild Award

“It is with much appreciation that we recognize Vance Gillette with the first Master Pools Guild Industry Icon Award”, announced Jeff Clarkson, Chairman of the Guild Board of Directors, at the awards ceremony (pictured above to the left of Vance Gillette). 

“We wanted to recognize the incredible contributions Vance has made to our members.  His positive message and the partnership we have enjoyed with Vance and Zodiac were the inspiration for this award.  The phrase industry icon fits so well and this was a wonderful opportunity for us to recognize Vance’s relationship with the Guild.” – Dick Covert, Executive Director.

“The Industry Icon Award was created to enable us to recognize individuals who have made contributions that have greatly impacted our organization and our members in outstanding ways.  The recipients can be members of the Guild or individuals in any area of our industry that have made contributions of this scale.”

The night was filled with celebrations of achievement and well wishes to Vance on his future endeavors.  

Zodiac Team

The Zodiac Team in the photo above from left to right:

Bruce Brooks - Global CEO, Troy Franzen - MD Americas,  Vance Gillette - VP of Business Development, Jon Damaska - Regional Mgr Cover Pools, Barry Greenwald - VP Cover Pools and Craig Goodson - National Accounts.

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Master Pools Guild Member Barrington Pools to Build Stingray Pool

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Apr 01, 2013

Barrington Pools, based in Chicago, Illinois, has been selected to build a new Stingray Touch pool at the Shedd Aquarium.  The pool will be approximately 1,500 square feet and will hold 18,000 gallons of water.  Barrington Pools built a similar tank in 2007 at the Brookfield Zoo. 

The pool design will allow guests to interact with the 40 stingrays who will call the tank their home.  The pool will have a depth of 2.5 feet at the edges allowing guests the opportunity to engage with the rays and the center will be much deeper offering the rays a private area of retreat.

Barrington Pools Stingray Touch Pool

Mike Murrillo, Sales and PR Director for Barrington Pools, stated "This is an amazing honor to have been selected for the opportunity to help build this amazing Stingray Touch exhibit. Our experience with building specialty pools for aquariums as well as the quality and customer service that our commercial and residential customers have come to expect will make this a project that kids and families from across the United States will enjoy for years to come."

Barrington Pools designs and manages the construction process to provide outdoor living possibilities customized for homeowners and commercial clients in search of the best quality and technology in swimming pools, spas, patios and landscapes.  Barrington Pools is a long standing, award winning member of the Master Pools Guild.

For more information visit the Barrington Pools website at

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Master Pools Guild Honors Blue Stone Pools of Australia

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Mar 27, 2013


The Master Pools Guild, during the annual Excellence Awards Ceremony (March 2013), announced a new series of awards.  These awards were bestowed upon the designs that scored the highest points in their category during the judging process.  Blue Stone Pools of Western Australia was awarded the first Outstanding Geometric Pool Award.  The Tiffany trophy was presented by annual sponsor Arch/Lonza’s Buck Hall & was accepted on behalf of Blue Stone Pools by Keith Lombardo, member of the Guild board of directors.


Blue Stone Outstanding Geometric

This incredible design is a geometric pool measuring 25 feet in length and is 5 feet deep.  The pool is located on the first floor and the driveway wraps around the rear of the pool which leads to the garage.  The pool has three port- hole windows which are viewed from the front entrance.  The vanishing edge has a glass observation window on one side and the ocean on another.  The freefalling spillover empties into a catchment pond that is creatively woven into the landscaping.    The pool is constructed with a soffit edge, that acts as the pool entry steps inside.  

Blue Stone Above    View From Above

Blue Stone Pools is the Guild's newest member.  Guild Executive Director, Dick Covertt, shared "Blue Stone Pools is a wonderful example of the caliber of swimming pool company we invite to join the Guild.  Grant & his team are professionals dedicated to their craft and committed to an unparalleled level of excellence.  Unique designs are a standard for their company.  We are excited to share this success with them and expect to see them represented often in our Excellence Awards."

Blue Stone Pools Front

Click on the photo above to visit the Blue Stone Pools website.  

Again, our congratulations go out to the team at Blue Stone Pools!  


We encourage visitors to click on "About The Guild" & review the area of our website that explains what it means to work with a Master Pools Guild member.  

We also have a number of free, downloadable resources available to help you select a builder, and to help you begin to design your poolscape.  


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Johnson Pool and Spa Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Mar 05, 2013

Johnson Pool and Spa was founded twenty-five years ago when a family started their quest to create a better life for future generations.  In the past twenty five years, this California business has grown and expanded to include an operation with 28 employees, 19 trucks and a 3,500 square foot showroom. 

Johnson Pool & Spa Gold Award Winner

The business began as a pool construction and renovation company operating out of the owner’s residence. The company was co-founded by Lupe and Barbara Perezchica, joined by their daughter Tina Johnson with her husband Stan.  The first company employee was their son, Matt Perezchica.  Lupe had 16 years of construction experience in the swimming pool industry.  His understanding and appreciation of construction best practises contributed to the company’s reputation for building a quality, long lasting swimming pool.  Stan was in charge of sales.  Matt helped Lupe with construction and Barbara and Tina handled all the bookkeeping. 

In their on-going quest to provide the best service to their clients, Johnson Pool and Spa added a Service and Repair Department in 1993 which has grown to servicing over 600 clients throughout Sonoma County.  When asked about their client base, Matt put it best, “Our job is to make their lives more enjoyable and for 25 years that is what we are most proud of.”

About the same time that their Service and Repair Department was being established, Johnson Pool and Spa opened their first retail store, an 800 square foot space in Raley’s Shopping center.  They remained in that location until moving in 2005 to their current space at 9650 Old Redwood Hwy. Windsor, CA.  This move accommodated their continued growth and allowed them to add products such as Caldera Spas, Traeger Pellet Grills, Lynx gas grills and an assortment of pool chemicals, toys and accessories to continue to enhance the enjoyment of their client’s backyard spaces.  In 2010, Johnson Pool and Spa accepted an invitation to join the Master Pools Guild.  They are active participants and award winning Guild members and are helping to shape the pool and spa industry on a global level. 


Johnson Pool & Spa Employees       (click on image above to visit the Johnson Pool and Spa website)

Through the years both the family and the business has remained strong and dedicated to their industry and their clients.  Today they employ Lupe and Barbara’s grandson, Aaron Johnson, and other extended family members. Most importantly they feel as though all of the employees are part of the Johnson Pool and Spa family. In return, they have an amazing and dedicated crew, all of who have the same goal of making Sonoma County the best place to live outdoors!  “We extend our congratulations to everyone at Johnson Pool and Spa on achieving this important milestone and we are proud to count them among the Master Pools Guild family,” Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.  

Visit Johnson Pool and Spa online for more information.

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HGTV Features Medallion Pool’s CLOUD POOL On "Cool Pools"

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Sat, Feb 16, 2013

Cloud Pool by Medallion Pool

Medallion Pool Company owners, Mark and Lynne Dorsey of Asheville, NC, have been receiving some great attention for their Cloud Pool design, an outdoor living area and swimming pool recently featured on HGTV’s “Cool Pools.”  The episode first aired on January 1, 2013, a terrific way for Medallion Pool to kick off a new year.  Since then, the praise has been pouring in.

“I have to thank the Master Pools Guild staff for passing along the request from HGTV’s production company,” said Medallion Pool Co. owner, designer and lead engineer Mark Dorsey.  “We responded with a rather elaborate effort to position the Cloud Pool so they couldn’t pass it up.  Our entire staff did an excellent job as did our hosts for the day, homeowner’s Debbie and Mitch Steenrod.”  The pool and outdoor living space was built in 2012 at their residence which they use as a weekend getaway. 

Medallion Pool Cloud Pool View

The segment was filmed on site this past October by AMS Pictures from Dallas.  Due to weather conditions, filming took place literally in the clouds and true to its’ name, the swimming pool design showcased a totally different look compared to most of the other pools featured in the segment.  During the day-long shoot in sub-50 degree, windy weather, Mark and Lynne’s two sons took a quick dip in the steaming Cloud Pool to demonstrate its use and do some filming of their own with the underwater camera.  Everyone else enjoyed the poolside living space with fireplace, grill, smoker and pizza oven which was demonstrated by cooking dinner for the crew and guests.

Homeowner Mitch Steenrod commented on the project:  “The entire pool is designed to capture the breathtaking views of our property. This is truly an amazing engineering effort – very few contractors could have succeeded in this endeavor. We were honored to help show off Mark’s work for HGTV.”  Mark Dorsey is an award winning swimming pool designer and currently sits on the Master Pools Guild Board of Directors.

The Cloud Pool is a state-of-the-art engineering and waterscape design.  Working on a precarious in-fill slope on a virtually-inaccessible backyard, the build required a structure with 8- and 10-foot concrete support piers. The pool floor is actually a 2-way structural floor system with the equipment area housed below.  The distance from the pool’s infinity edge to the ground below is approximately 20 feet.  The pool and in-pool spa design is complete with fully-automated systems and a retractable cover to accommodate the homeowners use as a vacation home.

The next scheduled airdate is Friday, February 24th at 8 p.m. EST.  

Medallion Pool Co.

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