Master Pools Guild Flying High Again In 2015

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Jan 07, 2015

Master Pools Guild Flying High Again In 2015

Richmond, Virginia, January 7, 2015, The Master Pools Guild announces the continuation of their relationship with American Airlines for 2015.  Dick Covert, Executive Director of the organization shared “ We are building on the success of our 2014 promotional campaign in which our presence on multiple airlines was a key element.  Moving forward we are pleased to announce we will be in first class cabins on American Airlines in February and March of this year as well as in the American terminals on the CNN Network.” 

In addition to a continued visibility on the airlines, the Guild will be featured this year with spots on the CNN and FOX News, both cable and satellite networks.


“The definition of outdoor living is changing.  When today’s consumer chooses to add a swimming pool to their home, the choice includes embracing a lifestyle.  It is a movement toward more family time and being more active.  We live that lifestyle ourselves and it is our privilege and our pleasure to share it with our clients.” – Michael Moore, V.P. Morehead Pools & Master Pools Guild Board Member.  

“Sharing inspiration and resources for today’s consumer is our goal.  We don’t really “market” per se.  The Master Pools Guild is a global organization of custom swimming pool builders.  We have over 100 members.  It is impossible to market for each of them, but, what we can do is to help educate consumers.  To inspire consumers to want to do more research and to make the resources they need easily available.  At that point, it gets exciting, because you know they (consumers) have everything they need and often times, more inspiration and resources than they realized were available. “ – Teri Wiltshire, Special Projects Manger Master Pools Guild.

Here's to another exciting year filling the skies with inspiration for living poolside!

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Mark Dorsey, Medallion Pool Co. "If I Can Dream It, I Can Build It."

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, Jul 25, 2013


Mark & Lynne Dorsey

            Mark & Lynne Dorsey, Owners of Medallion Pool

The members of the Master Pools Guild come from all corners of the world and from various and varied backgrounds.  They are artisans, designers, water shapers and professionals in every aspect of their businesses.  We proudly share their accomplishments with you. More often than not, those accomplishments come to us from other media resouces as with the article we have attached that profiles Mark Dorsey of Medallion Pool in North Carolina. We invite you to sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy this insight into a true industry visionary.  A man who loves his work, his craft and who is receiving a good bit of well deserved attention as a result.

Click Here For Full Article: Medallion Pool

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Rainey Pool Company, Texas, Honored By The Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, May 30, 2013

Outstanding Traditional Pool

A new set of awards were announced at this year’s Excellence Awards Ceremony by the Master Pools Guild.  These awards were bestowed upon the designs that scored the highest points in their category during the judging process.  Rainey Pools of Texas was awarded the first Outstanding Traditional Pool Award for this design.  The Tiffany trophy was presented by annual sponsor Pool Corp.’s Manny Perez & was accepted by Tim Rainey, Jr. for Rainey Pool Company.

This backyard oasis is located next to the water and was constructed utilizing 13 wood sub-pilings to support the gunite retaining walls.  This unique design includes a play ledge, attached spa and gas fire pit.  The pool scape measures 36 feet long and 3 ½ feet deep – providing the perfect cool, refreshing escape for the owners and their guests.

"The swimming pool on this property is the perfect finishing element - truly custom designed and complimenting the home.  This is one of the areas where our members excel." Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.  For more information on the members of the Master Pools Guild visit  ABOUT THE GUILD &/or -Testimonials.

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Klimat Master Pools Honored by the Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, May 07, 2013

As part of The Master Pools Guild annual Excellence Awards Ceremony (March 2013 Klimat Master Pools, Ohio, was honored with the first Outstanding Water Feature Award.  This new series of awards, for outstanding designs, were presented to entries scoring the highest points in their category during the judging process. Clark Hale, President of Hayward Pool Products, presented this award to Frank Kane of Klimat Master Pools.  

Klimat Master Pools Outstanding Water Feature

This water feature has an area of water surface of 176 feet.  The project is located in a busy intersection in the City of Montgomery.  Klimat personnel were required to take great care during the installation process due to the close proximity of traffic to the work areas.   The fountain is located next to the “right of way.”  The equipment room is located in a small room near the sidewalk.  The design includes 24 lights and ten bubblers, the center of the upper basin houses six and the lower basin the remaining four.

“Many of the Master Pools Guild members have commercial divisions as well as residential. It is nice to see some of our members receiving recognition for their commercial projects as well as their residential work.”   Commented Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild. 



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Johnson Pool and Spa Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Mar 05, 2013

Johnson Pool and Spa was founded twenty-five years ago when a family started their quest to create a better life for future generations.  In the past twenty five years, this California business has grown and expanded to include an operation with 28 employees, 19 trucks and a 3,500 square foot showroom. 

Johnson Pool & Spa Gold Award Winner

The business began as a pool construction and renovation company operating out of the owner’s residence. The company was co-founded by Lupe and Barbara Perezchica, joined by their daughter Tina Johnson with her husband Stan.  The first company employee was their son, Matt Perezchica.  Lupe had 16 years of construction experience in the swimming pool industry.  His understanding and appreciation of construction best practises contributed to the company’s reputation for building a quality, long lasting swimming pool.  Stan was in charge of sales.  Matt helped Lupe with construction and Barbara and Tina handled all the bookkeeping. 

In their on-going quest to provide the best service to their clients, Johnson Pool and Spa added a Service and Repair Department in 1993 which has grown to servicing over 600 clients throughout Sonoma County.  When asked about their client base, Matt put it best, “Our job is to make their lives more enjoyable and for 25 years that is what we are most proud of.”

About the same time that their Service and Repair Department was being established, Johnson Pool and Spa opened their first retail store, an 800 square foot space in Raley’s Shopping center.  They remained in that location until moving in 2005 to their current space at 9650 Old Redwood Hwy. Windsor, CA.  This move accommodated their continued growth and allowed them to add products such as Caldera Spas, Traeger Pellet Grills, Lynx gas grills and an assortment of pool chemicals, toys and accessories to continue to enhance the enjoyment of their client’s backyard spaces.  In 2010, Johnson Pool and Spa accepted an invitation to join the Master Pools Guild.  They are active participants and award winning Guild members and are helping to shape the pool and spa industry on a global level. 


Johnson Pool & Spa Employees       (click on image above to visit the Johnson Pool and Spa website)

Through the years both the family and the business has remained strong and dedicated to their industry and their clients.  Today they employ Lupe and Barbara’s grandson, Aaron Johnson, and other extended family members. Most importantly they feel as though all of the employees are part of the Johnson Pool and Spa family. In return, they have an amazing and dedicated crew, all of who have the same goal of making Sonoma County the best place to live outdoors!  “We extend our congratulations to everyone at Johnson Pool and Spa on achieving this important milestone and we are proud to count them among the Master Pools Guild family,” Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.  

Visit Johnson Pool and Spa online for more information.

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Baylor Recognizes Master Pools Guild Member Claffey Pools With Award

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Feb 06, 2013

Master Pools Guild member, Claffey Pools, has been awarded the Texas Family Business of the Year Award from the Baylor University Institute for Family Business.  Two factors that reportedly weighed heavily with the judges were the depth of family participation – 18 current family members with 24 family members participating over the years - and, their passion for excellence and extraordinary reputation for innovation and customer service. 

Claffey Pools is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  It was founded by Paul Claffey, a brick mason, who moved from Wisconsin to Texas in 1982 to find a better life in the construction industry.  Five years later, he opened Pools by Paul Claffey, and gradually brought his wife and later his three children into the business. In December of 2004 he sold the company to his three children.  This led to a time of new technology and innovation credited with doubling the company’s volume.  Claffey Pools marked the completion of their 6,000th swimming pool construction project in 2012. 

Claffey Pool Design

Currently, three Claffey family members own and manage the company: Charlie Claffey is President and both Brian Claffey and Shelly Claffey Broder are Vice-Presidents.  The string of awards and accolades earned by their company continues to grow and includes two Golden Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau, thirteen International Awards of Excellence from the APSP in 2012 alone, and dozens of other prestigious recognitions that can be viewed via a partial list on their company website at

“The members of the Master Pools Guild extend a heartfelt “congratulations” to the entire Claffey Pools organization on this recognition from Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business.  As an organization consisting primarily of family owned businesses, the Master Pools Guild members appreciate the values, contributions and successes of today’s family owned businesses.” Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.

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Blue Stone Pools of Western Australia Joins Master Pools Guild

Posted by Teri Wiltshire on Mon, Dec 17, 2012

Blue Stone Pools

“It is with great pleasure that we announce Blue Stone Pools, of Western Australia, has joined the Master Pools Guild” per Dick Covert, the Guild’s Executive Director.  Blue Stone Pools is quickly becoming an industry leader in innovation and excels in the art of designing an appealing swimming pool often in areas where site requirements are challenging.  Their use of underground water harvesting tanks and solar energy panels are just two examples of techniques they have mastered in creating highly energy efficient swimming pool projects. 

Blue Stone Pools has been on the receiving end of numerous prestigious industry awards this year a partial list includes two gold 2012 GAVA Awards and both a gold and a bronze award at the APSP’s 2012 Awards of Excellence. 

Innovation, flexibility, professionalism and honesty are key elements to the company’s success per the company President, Grant Osborne.  “We have a passion for perfection.  Blue Stone Pools initially began with a vision to be among the country’s most respected swimming pool builders, by adopting the same passion and spirit for precision that are hallmarks set by the industries past legendary craftsman. This ethos, with the power to change, has always characterised Blue Stone Pools, where leadership is not considered an inheritance but a continual challenge and where flexibility in thinking and in the design process is a pre-requisite.  Our passion and craftsmanship, meshed skilfully with 21st century technologies, has seen Blue Stone Pools emerge to an international level of luxury pool building. Blue Stone Pools is honoured to of be invited to join the coalition of elite pool builders who form the international prestigious Master Pools Guild.

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