Eric Drolet, Master Pools Dominion Gunite, "We build continuous relationships with our clients."

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Aug 19, 2013

“We build continuous relationships with our clients. We do everything in-house, from sales through to design, construction and after-care…By keeping all of the work in-house, MPDG offers unparalleled quality control, as well as a single communication point. Everyone on the team is on the same page, making it easier to exchange feedback and information with customers.” – Eric Drolet, Owner & President

Working in both the commercial and the residential sectors, Master Pools Dominion GuniteDominion Gunite Calgary Calgary, designs and builds some of the most beautiful custom designed swimming pools and aquatic centers in western Canada.  The company began as Dominion Gunite, in 1955 and did not build swimming pools for the first ten years but, by the early sixties their focus changed and in 1965 they joined the Master Pools Guild and began concentrating on swimming pool design and construction. 

Master Pools Dominion Gunite constantly pushes swimming pool design further incorporating new techniques and materials.  Their passion for the industry is clearly reflected in each project.  There success is evident by the awards and recognition that continues to flow in their direction.  The Master Pools Guild is proud to count them among its members.

We invite you to read the entire feature article recently published in Canadian Business Executive by clicking here.  

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