Master Pools Guild Joins Rolls Royce For Book Launch

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Aug 09, 2016


North Carolina, August 4, 2016 - More than 500 Rolls Owners' Club members (RROC) and VIP Guests gathered at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate the launch of the club's new publication Strive For Perfection.  The Master Pools Guild is featured in the book as a luxury partner and members of the Guild attended the book launch.

The 296-page hardback publication explores the living legacy of the world's most famous marque, Rolls-Royce.  Profiling models old and new, the book celebrates the company's unceasing pursuit of excellence - an ethos that earned it the status of "best car in the world."  The book is written by a select group of motoring experts and produced by London-based publisher St. James House in partnership with the RROC.

The book launch was one of the highlights of the RROC's 64th Annual Meet, a week long event that attracts owners and enthusiasts from across the country.  The publication was officially presented to the club at the launch event, surrounded by the meet's beautiful award-winning Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars and hosted by St. James House.

"We have enjoyed working with St. James House on this unique publication" shared Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild.  "Their title, Strive For Perfection, is a sentiment echoed by our members and we are excited to join the RROC in their celebration of excellence!"



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Fossil Creek Pools Joins Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Dec 22, 2015

Richmond, VA. December 22, 2015.  The Guild family is excited to welcome Fossil Creek Pools as the newest Master Pools Guild member. 


When asked about his company’s invitation to join the Guild, owner Mark Brandner shared, “Kathy and I are incredibly honored and humbled to be invited into such an amazing organization as the Master Pools Guild.  We have already had such an outpouring of welcome and kind words sent our way by the “Family” of Guild members.  We want to thank each member for making us feel so welcome and “apart’ of your close knit family.  We are excited to jump in and get to know each member personally. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

 Fossil Creek Pools

Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Guild shared, “Family owned and operated for over 35 years, Fossil Creek Pools brings their experience and a strong dedication to unique design to the group.  We are excited to welcome them and look forward to working closely with their team.”

For more information about Fossil Creek Pools website at:

Screen Shot 2015 12 22 at 8.33.52 AM

The Master Pools Guild is an international organization of elite, custom swimming pool builders whose primary goal is to build the most beautiful pools in the world.  For more information visit


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#GivingTuesday Master Pools Guild Shares Water Project Update

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Dec 01, 2015


It is with much excitement that we share the success of our efforts in 2015 with our partners The Water Project.  Following the Master Pools Guild spring meeting we launched a campaign to raise $10,000 to go toward building a well in sub-Saharan Africa.  Reaching out to the Master Pools Guild family, and to the pool and spa industry as a whole, we were confident that we would be able to reach the goal.  Our original plan was to cap off our fundraising efforts with a casino night & auction in Baltimore in October.  As the date of the auction grew near, we learned that we would need a total of $16,000 to completely fund the project and we learned more about where and who the project would be helping. 

These funds were needed to rehabilitate a well at a school serving 500 children.  The children were losing valuable time from their day in order to carry water, time that should be spent in school.  Their health was at risk, having once had clean water and now being faced with consuming water from a local stream, their bodies were apt to respond much like ours would – their bodies had adjusted to having clean water and now, that was gone.  There was a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility to change this story.

kids fetching water 3[1]

We closed our casino night in October with over $20,000 raised passing our revised goal of $16,000 but that was not the end of the story.  A past Master Pools Guild member issued a challenge pledging to match funds if 50 Guild members were to donate $100 individually and we are pleased to share that both of those goals have now been met and those funds collected and sent to The Water Project.  Our total now sits at just over $30,000 

IMG 0915[1]

That brings us to today, December 1, 2015 #GivingTuesday.  We have received reports that the well rehabilitation project is progressing nicely at St. Anne’s School and will be completed by the end of the year.  We head into 2016 confident that their need for clean water is met – the lives of 500 children touched by the efforts of our community.  There is no better way to celebrate the season of giving. 

Early 2016 we will begin to share information on our second project, and we will keep in touch with St. Anne’s School.   We will keep our donation page open and active through the end of the year.  We invite you to raise a glass of clean, clear water and join us as we toast to a successful 2015 and a 2016 of hope and possibilities on the horizon!

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Regal Pools Joins Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Nov 30, 2015


Richmond, VA. November 30, 2015.  The Guild family is excited to welcome Regal Pools as the newest Master Pools Guild member.  Partners Joshua Buzzell and Edwin Escabar have been operating in the Woodlands area of Texas for over six years.  Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild stated, “Regal Pools has a fantastic reputation within the industry combined with their excitement and professionalism they are a perfect match for the Guild.” 

Regal Pools

When asked about his company’s invitation to join the Guild Joshua Buzzell, shared, “We are excited to be a part of such a distinguished group of professionals, who I have looked up to from afar for my entire pool professional career.  We will try to give back as much as we receive and contribute to the Guild any way possible.  Excited and proud to be a part of this.” 

For more information about Regal Pools visit Regal’s website at: 

The Master Pools Guild is an international organization of elite, custom swimming pool builders whose primary goal is to build the most beautiful pools in the world.  For more information visit


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Master Pools Guild Reflecting On The First Annual EDGE Awards

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, Nov 06, 2015


The Master Pools Guild held its first EDGE Marketing Awards ceremony during the recent Annual meeting in Baltimore, MD.  The EDGE Awards were created to recognize exceptional marketing techniques in a variety of different categories.  Winners were celebrated in an award ceremony and also were given an opportunity to share specific how-to-information related to their awards. 

Feedback was extremely positive.  Memphis Pool representative, Joshua Henderson, stated“Memphis Pool was very honored and proud to have been selected as winners for the Inaugural Marketing Awards. Often it’s hard to gauge certain successes and failures with Marketing Strategies and Tactics. The fact that the Guild and the team of voters felt that Memphis Pool did a good job really helps us frame how effective our Marketing efforts were in 2015. Thank you to the Master Pools Guild and the team of voters. Especially thanks to our team at Memphis Pool for having a successful marketing year in 2015.” 

The excitement and enthusiasm carried throughout the entire meeting.  “There are so many Master Pools Guild members tapping into new media and technologies for connecting with today’s consumers.  The EDGE Awards are the perfect venue for recognizing those efforts and allowing our members to share that knowledge which is one of the foundations our organization is built upon.” Dick Covert, Executive Director, Master Pools Guild.


The Complete List of  2015 EDGE Award Winners:

Best Integrated Marketing Program:  Alka Pool Construction

Best Overall Use of Social Media:  Allison Landscape & Pool Co.

Best Overall Use of Facebook:  Memphis Pool

Best Corporate Blog:  Shasta Pools & Spas

Best Collaborative Blog Post:  Memphis Pool

Best Video:  Cause Related Marketing:  Memphis Pool

Best Video:  Lifestyle Inspirations:  Shasta Pool & Spa

Best Video:  Sales/Marketing:  Morehead Pools

Best Business to Business Event:  Aqua Blue Pools

Best Customer Appreciation Event:  Watermania, S. A.

Best Community Outreach Event:  Memphis Pool

Sales:  Best Use of New Technology:  Allison Landscape & Pool Co.

Sales – Best Consumer Education Resources:   Pool Tech Midwest, Inc.

Sales – Best Program With Business Partnership:  Watermania, S.A.

RMS Media – Editor’s Choice Award:  Alka Pool Construction

Congratulations to all our winners, a special thank you to RMS Media Group for their involvement & support, & here's to being on the leading EDGE for Marketing in 2016!

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Pool & Spa News Shares Master Pools Guild Water Project Effort

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

The Master Pools Guild recently received mention in Pool & Spa News regarding our effort on behalf of The Water Project.  See the article below:

describe the image

For additional information on this project, including how to participate, visit our website at

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Rowan Landscape and Pools Joins Master Pools Guild

Posted by Teri Wiltshire on Thu, Jul 30, 2015


Tim Rowan

“It is with great excitement that we welcome Rowan Landscape and Pools into the Master Pools Guild.” Dick Covert, Executive Director of the organization shared with its members.   “Rowan Landscape and Pools is a family-owned and operated business with a proven track record of excellence.  They have operated in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area since 1982 and have strong relationships with vendors and a long list of satisfied clients.” 

Rowan is dedicated to providing their clients with superior customer service, unique landscape and custom pool design.   From conception to completion, their staff is committed to providing a total environment unique to each clients’ own personal style but designed with lasting beauty, function and value as the foundation. 

When asked about his company’s invitation to join the Guild Timothy Rowan, Owner of Rowan Landscape and Pools shared, “I am honored to have been invited into the Master Pools Guild.  The warm welcome that members have already shown to us is unbelievable.  The possibilities are endless!” 

Rowan 9

For more information about Rowan Landscape and Pools visit their website at:

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Hayward Pool Products Moving Up In 2015 With The Master Pools Guild

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Fri, Jan 23, 2015


Gold Level

Richmond, Virginia, January 23, 2015, The Master Pools Guild announced that long time partner and annual sponsor, Hayward Pool Products, Inc. has elected to increase their annual sponsorship moving them into the Gold Level category.  “Our longstanding partnership with Hayward is important and appreciated,” shared Dick Covert, executive director of the Master Pools Guild.  

Hayward Pool Products joins Biolab, Pentair Aquatic Systems, Pebble Technologies, Pool Corp. and Zodiac all of which have been gold level sponsors for multiple years.  Covert added,  “Our annual sponsors make a huge impact on our educational programs and our marketing efforts which are quickly becoming one in the same.  They know how much we appreciate them as partners and I feel they appreciate the impact we are making with today’s consumer and the benefits this brings our industry.  We are thrilled that Hayward is expanding their support.”

Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world.  Headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Hayward designs, manufactures and markets a full line of residential and commercial pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, heating, cleaners, salt chlorinators, automation, lighting, safety, flow control and energy solutions.



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Master Pools Guild Flying High Again In 2015

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Jan 07, 2015

Master Pools Guild Flying High Again In 2015

Richmond, Virginia, January 7, 2015, The Master Pools Guild announces the continuation of their relationship with American Airlines for 2015.  Dick Covert, Executive Director of the organization shared “ We are building on the success of our 2014 promotional campaign in which our presence on multiple airlines was a key element.  Moving forward we are pleased to announce we will be in first class cabins on American Airlines in February and March of this year as well as in the American terminals on the CNN Network.” 

In addition to a continued visibility on the airlines, the Guild will be featured this year with spots on the CNN and FOX News, both cable and satellite networks.


“The definition of outdoor living is changing.  When today’s consumer chooses to add a swimming pool to their home, the choice includes embracing a lifestyle.  It is a movement toward more family time and being more active.  We live that lifestyle ourselves and it is our privilege and our pleasure to share it with our clients.” – Michael Moore, V.P. Morehead Pools & Master Pools Guild Board Member.  

“Sharing inspiration and resources for today’s consumer is our goal.  We don’t really “market” per se.  The Master Pools Guild is a global organization of custom swimming pool builders.  We have over 100 members.  It is impossible to market for each of them, but, what we can do is to help educate consumers.  To inspire consumers to want to do more research and to make the resources they need easily available.  At that point, it gets exciting, because you know they (consumers) have everything they need and often times, more inspiration and resources than they realized were available. “ – Teri Wiltshire, Special Projects Manger Master Pools Guild.

Here's to another exciting year filling the skies with inspiration for living poolside!

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The Master Pools Guild Honors Al Rizzo of Rizzo Pools

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, Oct 23, 2014


Al Rizzo, Rizzo Pools

The Master Pools Guild organization proudly honored Al Rizzo with their Industry Icon Award. Mr. Rizzo is only the second individual to receive the honor. The ceremony, held at the Naples Beach Hotel, was attended by 250 members of the Master Pools Guild as well as Rizzo family and friends. Speakers included Dick Covert, Executive Director of the Master Pools Guild, who spoke of Al Rizzo’s passion for the industry. Dave Thill, long time member of the Master Pools Guild, shared insight into the process led by Al Rizzo when the Guild was newly forming and coming into it’s own. Vance Gillette, the first Industry Icon Award recipient and friend of Al Rizzo, spoke of the numerous contributions Al has made to the pool and spa industry and the final speaker of the evening, Barry Greenwald, shared more personal stories of Al Rizzo that spanned decades of both a working relationship and friendship.

The characteristics of leadership, brotherhood and compassion were woven through each speaker’s dialogue. Al Rizzo took to the podium to share his own reflections (ascending with the theme of the Godfather playing in the background) and his love for the group and the industry was clearly present. He shared Guild and industry history the two of which parallel in many ways. At the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Rizzo returned to his table, surrounded by family and friends all happy to celebrate with him an incredibly distinguished career. This award celebrated his many achievements, in particular his impact on the industry and the members of the Master Pools Guild.

For more information on the Master Pools Guild and its members, please visit -Who We Are or contact the Guild office via phone 1(800)392-3044 or email

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