Mark Dorsey, Medallion Pool Co. "If I Can Dream It, I Can Build It."

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Thu, Jul 25, 2013


Mark & Lynne Dorsey

            Mark & Lynne Dorsey, Owners of Medallion Pool

The members of the Master Pools Guild come from all corners of the world and from various and varied backgrounds.  They are artisans, designers, water shapers and professionals in every aspect of their businesses.  We proudly share their accomplishments with you. More often than not, those accomplishments come to us from other media resouces as with the article we have attached that profiles Mark Dorsey of Medallion Pool in North Carolina. We invite you to sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy this insight into a true industry visionary.  A man who loves his work, his craft and who is receiving a good bit of well deserved attention as a result.

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HGTV Features Medallion Pool’s CLOUD POOL On "Cool Pools"

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Sat, Feb 16, 2013

Cloud Pool by Medallion Pool

Medallion Pool Company owners, Mark and Lynne Dorsey of Asheville, NC, have been receiving some great attention for their Cloud Pool design, an outdoor living area and swimming pool recently featured on HGTV’s “Cool Pools.”  The episode first aired on January 1, 2013, a terrific way for Medallion Pool to kick off a new year.  Since then, the praise has been pouring in.

“I have to thank the Master Pools Guild staff for passing along the request from HGTV’s production company,” said Medallion Pool Co. owner, designer and lead engineer Mark Dorsey.  “We responded with a rather elaborate effort to position the Cloud Pool so they couldn’t pass it up.  Our entire staff did an excellent job as did our hosts for the day, homeowner’s Debbie and Mitch Steenrod.”  The pool and outdoor living space was built in 2012 at their residence which they use as a weekend getaway. 

Medallion Pool Cloud Pool View

The segment was filmed on site this past October by AMS Pictures from Dallas.  Due to weather conditions, filming took place literally in the clouds and true to its’ name, the swimming pool design showcased a totally different look compared to most of the other pools featured in the segment.  During the day-long shoot in sub-50 degree, windy weather, Mark and Lynne’s two sons took a quick dip in the steaming Cloud Pool to demonstrate its use and do some filming of their own with the underwater camera.  Everyone else enjoyed the poolside living space with fireplace, grill, smoker and pizza oven which was demonstrated by cooking dinner for the crew and guests.

Homeowner Mitch Steenrod commented on the project:  “The entire pool is designed to capture the breathtaking views of our property. This is truly an amazing engineering effort – very few contractors could have succeeded in this endeavor. We were honored to help show off Mark’s work for HGTV.”  Mark Dorsey is an award winning swimming pool designer and currently sits on the Master Pools Guild Board of Directors.

The Cloud Pool is a state-of-the-art engineering and waterscape design.  Working on a precarious in-fill slope on a virtually-inaccessible backyard, the build required a structure with 8- and 10-foot concrete support piers. The pool floor is actually a 2-way structural floor system with the equipment area housed below.  The distance from the pool’s infinity edge to the ground below is approximately 20 feet.  The pool and in-pool spa design is complete with fully-automated systems and a retractable cover to accommodate the homeowners use as a vacation home.

The next scheduled airdate is Friday, February 24th at 8 p.m. EST.  

Medallion Pool Co.

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