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Secret Benefits of Dining Outdoors

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One of the joys of summer is the ability to dine outdoors.  Whether it is under blue skies or twinkling stars, creating a summer dinner table outdoors can be a great mid-week escape to your normal routine and offers you the perfect opportunity to RELAX which aids in digestion and an overall feeling of well being.  

Bring out your china and crystal, add candles and flowers and voila! You are all set!  No need to go to a fancy restaurant.  If you are feeling particularly inspired invite a friend or two over and suprise them with menu cards on their plates or, make it a potluck - your choice.  

Enjoying a meal under blue skies or twinkling stars will help you appreciate the magic of summer, relaxing and de-stressing.  And, if you are fortunate enought to do this poolside, well, oh what a night!

Here's to enjoying many dinners outdoors this summer!!!!



The 10 Minute Mint Wrap

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Spring Has Sprung!

And we are thinking about spending more time outdoors & living poolside - which finds many of us eager to wash away winter's dryness.  We found a great solution!


The Ten Minute Mint Wrap

You Will Need:

  • 1 Clean Hand Towel
  • 1 Large Bowl
  • 4 Cups of warm (not hot) water
  • 3 Drops of peppermint essential oil

Fill the bowl with the warm water & add the peppermint.  Dip the hand towel in and squeeze out excess water.  Working with clean skin, place the towel over your face allowing towel to remain in place until it cools.

Peppermint helps to brighten dull skin so your face will soon have an added glow.  

Repeat the proceedure on arms and legs if desired and moisturize while your skin is still damp. 

Enjoy! And here's to spending more time poolside this spring/summer! 


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Infused Water in A Flash For A Splash of Healthy Flavor Poolside!

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Jul 07, 2015 @ 09:27 AM


describe the imageWhen living poolside we all know staying hydrated is important.  Drinking plain water however, gets boring and it is increasingly difficult to keep kids hydrated without the use of sugary beverage options.  Often, we find there is little or no benefit from nutrient additions to vitamin waters, energy drinks, and juices.  Add the fact that almost all boosted beverages sold have added sugar and you quickly realize you could actually be doing more harm than good serving them.

There is a better, easier and less costly alternative to quench your thirst and that is preparing, serving and drinking infused water. Infused water lets you punch up the flavor without any nutritional drawbacks.   What more could we want?  Fresh, fast & budget friendly!

Here are three of our favorites all easily prepared in just 2 steps! 

Kiwi Quick


3-4 ripe kiwis, peeled and crushed

2 quarts filtered water


1. Add the sliced kiwi to a 64-ounce pitcher.

2. Add water.  Refrigerate until very cold.  Serve & enjoy!


Melon Mania


1 cup cantaloupe pieces

1 cup watermelon pieces

1 cup honeydew pieces

2 quarts filtered water


1. Place melon pieces in a 64 pitcher.

2. Pour water over top and chill at least 2 hours.  Serve over ice.


Pineapple Express


1 cup fresh pineapple pieces

2 quarts filtered water


1. Place pineapple in a 64-ounce pitcher.

2. Pour the water over top and refrigerate till cold.  Serve poured over ice.

Not only will infused waters refresh and rehydrate your friends and family but they look amazing served in pitchers poolside.  Note the intesity of the flavor will increase the longer the fruit sits in the water.   Once the pitcher is empty, refill with water & restart the process.  We suggest using the same fruit for no more than 24 hours.

When time to serve, let your creativity shine and add a fruit or mint garnish.  Another idea for garnish is freeze fruit in ice cubes.  However you serve it up will bring a smile to faces including yours as you keep your family and friends happy and refreshed living poolside!

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3 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Mar 04, 2015 @ 03:09 PM

This time of year can be challenging.  It seems so easy in the winter months, especially after the holidays are over, to “hibernate.”  We become less active and often times set aside our fitness routines.  But spring will return and here are 3 great ideas for keeping your body & mind springing forward!  


Adopt a playful approach.  If you are struggling with motivation why not try “playing” instead of “working out”? It is surprising the number of calories you can burn playing and it won’t feel like “work” at all!  If available use the snowfall as your playground.  Making snow angles burns an average of 214 calories per hour.  Or try a snowball fight where the calorie burn is just over 300 calories an hour.  Or, take on the challenge of building a snowman and burn 285 calories an hour.  If you live in one of the few areas with no snow this year, find an indoor ice skating rink and burn 450 calories an hour while enjoying the "feel" of winter. 

Change is good.  Snowy weather can be an easy excuse to skip going to the gym and for some of us it is a true obstacle.  So…change up your routine & work out at home.  Exercising at home can be your solution to keeping your fitness routine on track.  Consider a DVD workout or many cable networks provide on demand programming that include great options like kickboxing and belly dancing.  Be adventurous! 

Count those days! Ok, it may not feel like spring is getting closer but in a matter of a few short weeks it will be here!  Now is a great time to plan ahead think vacations, family reunions, home renovations!  OR, you could wrap all three of those events into one project and plan them around your newly designed pool.  If you are looking for a place to begin, we would encourage you to download this year’s “Top Ten Trends in Swimming Pool Design’ and our “Planning Your Pool Checklist.”  

Here's to spring on our horizon & many, many days spent living poolside! - your friends at the Master Pools Guild

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How Hydro-Massage Therapy and Hot Tubs Changed My Life

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 10:43 AM

My name is Josh Henderson and I work for Memphis Pool. Over the course of my 18 years in the pool industry I have cleaned pools, fixed pools, renovated pools, sold pools and sold products for pools in a retail setting. I am passionate about what we do. Not only has the swimming pool industry afforded me a living and a lifestyle that is conducive for raising a family, but it has improved the overall quality of my life. Although a majority of my career has been dedicated to swimming pools, my career started innocently as a spa delivery person.

Josh Henderson Memphis Pool

Josh Henderson and Family

In my younger years I was very active in sports and participated at a high level. Through my involvement in sports I sustained many injuries. The most serious of my injuries was multiple breaks and ligament damage to my ankles. I have had both ankles operated on and one of them has been completely reconstructed. As a result of my injuries I have arthritis like symptoms in my ankles. From time to time the symptoms can be debilitating and painful.

I made a doctor’s appointment to see if I could get help with the pain in my ankles. Initially my doctor prescribed Percocet for the pain. Now, I am one of those men who refuse to take any kind of medication, even aspirin, let alone Percocet. I did not want to develop a dependency on pain killers and asked my doctor if there was another form of pain relief. My doctor started to name some other forms of pain relievers and when he mentioned hydro-massage therapy my ears perked up. I was familiar with alternating between ice cold tubs of water and sitting in a bath of hot water as a means of dealing with sore-ness during my playing days. Hydro massage therapy sounded like something I could do with very little side-affects.

My doctor wrote me a prescription for hydro-massage therapy and I set out to price a hot tub. (I found out a person can actually deduct a hot tub purchase off of their tax returns if they have a prescription for hydro-massage therapy so check that out with a tax professional). While pricing hot tubs I met a salesperson that seemed to be genuinely concerned with my health predicament. She was aware of the health benefits of a hot tub and it made for an interesting conversation. We started talking more and soon developed a friendship. One day I was going to meet her for lunch and she called me at the last minute to say that they were busy in the showroom and she wasn’t going to be able to meet me. I decided to surprise her by picking up some lunch and bringing it to her work.

Upon arrival she greeted me and asked me to wait at her desk. There was a delivery crew loading up a hot tub from the show room and she didn’t want me to get in their way. The delivery men started to laugh, when they heard her ask me to wait at her desk, and said that they would prefer it if I could give them a hand in loading up the hot tub. At 6’3” and 250 lbs. I guess they thought that my size could benefit them in their endeavor. I agreed to help load the hot tub, then agreed to meet them on sight to help set the hot tub in the customers’ back yard. Upon completion of the installation the manager of the crew introduced himself to me as the business owner and asked if I wanted to install more hot tubs for him. I agreed to continue installing hot tubs and decided that I wanted to learn more about the upkeep because I was now a hot tub owner as well.

Any time it would get cold and damp outside my ankles would ache. This is the pain that led me to the doctor.  The pain was also limiting my ability to exercise and participate in the sports I love. After getting my hot tub I quickly discovered that whenever my ankles started to ache the quickest and most effective relief was my hot tub. I would soak in the tub (I like the water temperature at 104 degrees) for 20 minutes and my aches would disappear. Imagine the last time you were sore. Now imagine the last time you had someone massage that sore area for you. Getting into a hot tub is like having someone massage that sore area, except you are floating. Not only are you weightless, but you are surrounded in warmth. The warmth is so intense that on a cold day your core body temperature is elevated to the point of exhaustion.  So now, not only are your sore areas not achy anymore, but now you are relaxed and calm. That was always the best way to sleep. In fact, if there was ever a night that I could not sleep, I would go sit in my hot tub. Those 20 minutes would always allow me to slip into perpetual 8 hours of bliss. Worked like a charm. The hot tub not only improved my quality of life, but it was providing me a way to support myself.

Hot Tub Memphis Pool

I studied up on water chemistry and hydraulics and it paid off. I was quickly getting positive feedback from the customers I was installing the hot tub for and from my employer. My employer asked me if I would be interested in a full time job with his firm. My time would be split between installing hot tubs and cleaning swimming pools. The job sounded interesting and I enjoyed the interaction with customers and so I agreed to quit my college job at Blockbuster video and become a full time, full blown Pool Guy.  I cleaned pools and installed Hot Tubs for several months and when the climate changed and outside work slowed down I started spending more time in our retail store. Soon I was selling Hot Tubs and chemicals in addition to my outside duties.

I’ve always felt that the talented people in our industry are not the ones who know how to replace a pump, or perform a sand change. The technical stuff can be learned. I decided that talent in our industry is the people that can talk to a customer, listen to their needs and address those needs accordingly. Essentially the easiest way to make a sale is by not trying to get into the customers pocket, but rather helping them with their problem. I have used this approach in every position I have held and it has served me well.

 To make a long story short, I was promoted to Service Manager and ultimately General Manager. I now work for Memphis Pool in multiple areas helping our customers discover the joys of water, especially hydro massage therapy. I am grateful to the pool industry for improving my quality of life. Still to this day, I soak in my tub for pain relief. I still soak for sleeping aid. I now have a family and they too enjoy our hot tub. My wife and I have spent many nights mapping out the week ahead from the internal warmth of our hot tub. My son and daughter use the tub too. Those moments together have become a valuable time to talk to mom and dad. I can’t recall how many discussions I’ve had with my wife and kids while sitting in our tub, under the stars. Hydro-massage therapy has changed my life and I hope I can help more people discover the benefits it can have for them too.

Josh Henderson - Memphis Pool



Memphis Pool is a long standing member of the Master Pools Guild and has contributed greatly to the success of the pool and spa industry.  For more information on Memphis Pool we encourage you to visit their website at www.memphispool.com 

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How To Grill Fresh Summer Fruits And Vegetables

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Mon, Jul 21, 2014 @ 02:50 PM

One of the things we love most about summer is diving into the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available.  But, many grill masters are not aware of how easy it is to prepare these favorites on the grill?  Grilling enhances the summertime flavors of fruits and vegetables caremelizing their natural sugars and quite often convinces a picky eater to try a sample or two.

Grilled Pineapple

Start by washing your produce and slicing into uniform pieces.  Using skewers or a vegetable basket will keep smaller pieces from slipping through grill racks.  Below is a quick reference chart for grilling times:

Note: tossing veggies with a little oil prior to grilling will keep them from drying out.  Turn produce half way thru cooking time listed below:


Grilling Chart      
Fruit/Veggie Thickness Heat Time
Apples 1/2 In. Slices Medium Direct 4 to 6 min.
Apricots halved Medium Direct 6 to 8 min.
Bananas halved(long) Medium Direct 6 to 8 min.
Peaches halved Medium Direct 8 to 10 min.
Pears halved Medium Direct 8 to 10 min.
Pineapple 1/2 In. Rings Medium Direct 7 to 10 min.
Asparagus 1/2 In. Thick Medium Direct 6 to 8 min.
Corn (No Husk) whole Medium Direct 10 to 12 min.
Corn (With Husk) whole Medium Direct 25 to 30 min.
Mushrooms (buttons) whole Medium Direct 8 to 10 min.
Onions 1/2 In. Slices Medium Direct 8 to 10 min.
Potatoes whole Medium Indirect 45 to 60 min.

Your grilled vegetables will be excellent side/main dishes and grilled fruits can be added to ice cream, cake...almost any dessert - just be creative.  Here's to enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle Living Poolside!

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Yoga Poolside, Practice A Sun Salutation

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freeimage 5115518 high

The area around your swimming pool can be the perfect place to relax, unwind and practice yoga.  The calming sounds of running water, the tranquil reflection of light off the surface all compliment the process of stress relief.  

While there are many yoga poses that are perfect poolside, the Sun Salutation is one of our favorites.  The Sun Salutation is a sequence of 12 positions. 

Each time you flow through this sequence, synchronize your breath with the movements of your body.  

See the image below for illustrations of positions. 

1. To begin, stand in Mountain Pose with your weight distributed evenly over both feet. Find your center as you establish a slow, steady rhythm of breathing. 

2. Next, inhale and stretch your arms out to the side and overhead into an Upward Salute. Reach to the heavens, greeting the sun. 

3. As you exhale, hollow out your belly and fold into Standing Forward.  You are now connecting down into the earth – so keep your legs firmly engaged.  

4. Inhale and lengthen your spine forward into a Half Standing Forward Bend.  In this pose, you look toward the heavens, the spine is extended, and fingertips stay on the floor or rise to the shins. 

5. Exhale and step or lightly hop your feet back behind you into a plank pose. . Wrists should be flat on the floor, shoulder-distance apart, and feet should be at hip distance. Take a full breath in and lengthen through the spine. 

6. Exhale and lower into Four Limbed Staff Pose making sure to keep your legs straight while pushing back into your heels or bringing your knees to the floor. 

7. Inhale and carve your chest forward into Upward Facing Dog. Bring your shoulders back and open your collarbones while engaging your legs but relaxing your gluteal muscles. 

8. Exhale and roll over the toes, transitioning into Downward Facing Dog Pose.   Remain here for five breaths.

9. On your fifth exhale, bend your knees and look between your hands. Then inhale and step or lightly hop your feet between your hands, returning to Half Standing Forward Bend. 

10. Exhale back to Standing Forward and  surrender into the fold. 

11. Inhale, reaching your arms out wide to your sides and coming to stand through a flat back. Feel a renewed sense of energy as you draw your arms overhead into the Upward Salute. 

12. Exhale and return to Mountain Pose – where you began. Before repeating the series pause here log enough for a few breaths as you feel the movement of energy through your body.

Please always check with your physician prior to begining a new exercise program.  Also make sure you keep plenty of drinking water on hand and stay hydrated.

Sun Salutation                   photo via Shiningsoulyoga on Pinterest 

Here's wishing everyone much health and happiness Living Poolside!

Use Basil As A Natural Insect Repellant

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Tue, Jun 03, 2014 @ 07:07 PM

Using Basil As A Natural Insect Repellant

Basil is one of the many herbs you can use to make a natural insect repellent so your summer fun isn't bothered by pesky insects. Basil insect repellent not only works well to keep stinging bugs away, but it has a pleasant aroma and can be grown easily and inexpensively.

Basil As An Insect Repellant

Making this type of natural insect repellent requires only a few steps. Note: Because this homemade insect repellent calls for a small amount of vodka, if you are not of legal drinking age, you won’t be able to use this recipe. In that case, have a parent or guardian assist you with the making of the mixture.  An alternative to the prepared mixture is to crush fresh basil leaves and rub them on your exposed skin - this will also work but the deterrent doesn’t last quite as long.


4 to 6 ounces of freshly picked basil leaves and stems

4 ounces of water – bring to a boil

4 ounces of vodka

1 spray bottle



Step 1: Basil prep

Harvest your fresh basil and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned with no dirt or debris left attached to the stems and leaves. The stems can stay attached.  Place the basil in a large container – preferably something like a glass pitcher. 

Step 2: Boil water

When the water has boiled, pour it over the basil in the container, cover it and leave it to sit for several hours. Be sure to only use the amount of water the recipe calls for. Too much water and the mixture will be too weak to be effective.

Step 3: Transfer infused water

After the basil has steeped in the water for several hours, remove the leaves and pour the basil-infused water into a spray bottle. Make sure to squeeze every last drop of liquid out of the leaves into the bottle as well. The liquid should smell heavily of basil.

Step 4: Mix with the carrier alcohol

The vodka is used as a carrier.  Pour the four ounces of vodka into the spray bottle and mix it with the basil water by shaking gently.

You are now ready to apply your new insect repellent!

Now that the process is complete, attach the spray bottle nozzle.  The mixture can be sprayed onto your skin or clothes (however, we recommend spraying primarily on the skin) to repel stinging insects. Keep the bottle out of reach of young children and take care not to get the spray in your eyes, nasal cavity or mouth.  Of course if used in and around the pool, reapply after swimming. 

Herbs like basil often contain powerful properties that go forgotten.  It is nice to find alternatives to using chemical insect repellents and this mixture is easy to make and costs much less than the chemical versions.  Here’s to saving time, money and providing a natural option for insect repellent this summer while we spend countless hours Living Poolside!


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The Secret About Lap Pools

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Apr 30, 2014 @ 11:21 AM

The true definiton of a lap pool is "a swimming pool designed specifically for the purpose of swimming laps."   We love a good lap pool design & we love taking the traditional definition & alterning it a bit, so it fits the wants/needs of our clients! Our designers work closely with architects to seamlessly integrate lap pools into home design plans.  This provides the homeowner with an elegant, stylish water accent, as well as an excellent place to exercise. So yes, that is our secret...that a lap pool can be a stylish design accent, even a focal piece for your home in addition to the exercise benefits it provides. 

Most often lap pools are long and narrow.  This shape works especially well in modern spaces but lap pools can often be found in innovative places/spaces (see our photos below).   Lap pools are usually one constant depth.   Depending on location and climate, heating is often an option selected for a lap pool as well as including an automated pool cover. 

In cases where clients have extremely limited space there is the option of installing an "endless" pool. Endless pools have a steady resistance current so the swimmer stays in the same place in the water, but gets a great workout swimming against the current.

Whether your motivation is exercise or a beautiful, custom design feature for your home, a lap pool may be the perfect choice.  Oh, and know that your secret will be safe with us!

AquaBlue Charleston

Above design and construction by AquaBlue Pools, Charleston, S.C. USA

Alka Pool Construction

Above design & construction by Alka Pools Construction, Burnaby, B.C.


Above design and construction by Cookes Pools and Spas, Mildura, Australia


St. Lawrence1

Above design and construction by St. Lawrence Pools, Ltd., Ontario Canada


Above design and construction by Pool Tech Midwest, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA


Above design and construction by Kilmat Master Pools, Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA


Above design and construction by Galloway Pools and Spas, Corpus Christi, Texas USA


Above design and construction by Artistic Pools, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Morehead Pools Louisiana USA

Above design and construction by Morehead Pools, Shreveport, Louisiana USA

Symphony California

Design and construction by Symphony Pools, Simi Valley, California USA


Design and construction by Watermania, S.A. Guatemala

Artistic Georgia 2

Design and construction by Artistic Pools, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Berry Pool

Above design and construction by Berry Pool, Brownsville, Texas USA

Upper Ribsden

Above desing and construction by Falcon Pools, Ltd. Surrey, United Kingdom

Barrington Pools

Above design and construction by Barrington Pools, Barriongton, Illinois, USA

Aquarium Piscinas 2

Design and construction by Acuarium Piscinas and Spas, Costa Rica


Above pool design and construction by Pool Builders Inc., Davie, Florida USA

Screen Shot 2014 04 30 at 11.08.22 AM

Above design and construction by Memphis Pool, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

If you would like more information on the Master Pools Guild please visit our resource library.

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Jumping For Fitness

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Jump is often a word we hear in and around the swimming pool.  But we have recently discovered an interesting bit of information related to the word/action and we wanted to share it with our family and friends.  

Jumping Rope For Fitness
Our recent discovery: Jumping rope is very beneficial to your lymphatic system.  Our lymphatic system plays an important role in wellness because it removes all sorts of waste from our blood.  Unlike our circulatory system that uses a pump (heart) our lymphatic system relies on exercise to flush out toxins.  Research shows that one of the best exercises for cleansing and detoxifying the body is the up and down movement created by jumping rope!  With just five minutes of jumping rope a day, you can experience the benefits of a stimulated lymphatic system which can include more energy, less pain and improved complexion – what’s not to love?!

So, whether it is double-dutch or just you and your jump rope, get moving and jump into a better more active lifestyle, one five minute session at a time.
One more interesting fun fact: 
Lymphatic comes from the Latin word lymphaticus, meaning "connected to water.” 

Please note that our website does not intend to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and all new physical activity should first be discussed with your medical professional.

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