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How Hydro-Massage Therapy and Hot Tubs Changed My Life

Posted by Master Pools Guild on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 10:43 AM

My name is Josh Henderson and I work for Memphis Pool. Over the course of my 18 years in the pool industry I have cleaned pools, fixed pools, renovated pools, sold pools and sold products for pools in a retail setting. I am passionate about what we do. Not only has the swimming pool industry afforded me a living and a lifestyle that is conducive for raising a family, but it has improved the overall quality of my life. Although a majority of my career has been dedicated to swimming pools, my career started innocently as a spa delivery person.

Josh Henderson Memphis Pool

Josh Henderson and Family

In my younger years I was very active in sports and participated at a high level. Through my involvement in sports I sustained many injuries. The most serious of my injuries was multiple breaks and ligament damage to my ankles. I have had both ankles operated on and one of them has been completely reconstructed. As a result of my injuries I have arthritis like symptoms in my ankles. From time to time the symptoms can be debilitating and painful.

I made a doctor’s appointment to see if I could get help with the pain in my ankles. Initially my doctor prescribed Percocet for the pain. Now, I am one of those men who refuse to take any kind of medication, even aspirin, let alone Percocet. I did not want to develop a dependency on pain killers and asked my doctor if there was another form of pain relief. My doctor started to name some other forms of pain relievers and when he mentioned hydro-massage therapy my ears perked up. I was familiar with alternating between ice cold tubs of water and sitting in a bath of hot water as a means of dealing with sore-ness during my playing days. Hydro massage therapy sounded like something I could do with very little side-affects.

My doctor wrote me a prescription for hydro-massage therapy and I set out to price a hot tub. (I found out a person can actually deduct a hot tub purchase off of their tax returns if they have a prescription for hydro-massage therapy so check that out with a tax professional). While pricing hot tubs I met a salesperson that seemed to be genuinely concerned with my health predicament. She was aware of the health benefits of a hot tub and it made for an interesting conversation. We started talking more and soon developed a friendship. One day I was going to meet her for lunch and she called me at the last minute to say that they were busy in the showroom and she wasn’t going to be able to meet me. I decided to surprise her by picking up some lunch and bringing it to her work.

Upon arrival she greeted me and asked me to wait at her desk. There was a delivery crew loading up a hot tub from the show room and she didn’t want me to get in their way. The delivery men started to laugh, when they heard her ask me to wait at her desk, and said that they would prefer it if I could give them a hand in loading up the hot tub. At 6’3” and 250 lbs. I guess they thought that my size could benefit them in their endeavor. I agreed to help load the hot tub, then agreed to meet them on sight to help set the hot tub in the customers’ back yard. Upon completion of the installation the manager of the crew introduced himself to me as the business owner and asked if I wanted to install more hot tubs for him. I agreed to continue installing hot tubs and decided that I wanted to learn more about the upkeep because I was now a hot tub owner as well.

Any time it would get cold and damp outside my ankles would ache. This is the pain that led me to the doctor.  The pain was also limiting my ability to exercise and participate in the sports I love. After getting my hot tub I quickly discovered that whenever my ankles started to ache the quickest and most effective relief was my hot tub. I would soak in the tub (I like the water temperature at 104 degrees) for 20 minutes and my aches would disappear. Imagine the last time you were sore. Now imagine the last time you had someone massage that sore area for you. Getting into a hot tub is like having someone massage that sore area, except you are floating. Not only are you weightless, but you are surrounded in warmth. The warmth is so intense that on a cold day your core body temperature is elevated to the point of exhaustion.  So now, not only are your sore areas not achy anymore, but now you are relaxed and calm. That was always the best way to sleep. In fact, if there was ever a night that I could not sleep, I would go sit in my hot tub. Those 20 minutes would always allow me to slip into perpetual 8 hours of bliss. Worked like a charm. The hot tub not only improved my quality of life, but it was providing me a way to support myself.

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I studied up on water chemistry and hydraulics and it paid off. I was quickly getting positive feedback from the customers I was installing the hot tub for and from my employer. My employer asked me if I would be interested in a full time job with his firm. My time would be split between installing hot tubs and cleaning swimming pools. The job sounded interesting and I enjoyed the interaction with customers and so I agreed to quit my college job at Blockbuster video and become a full time, full blown Pool Guy.  I cleaned pools and installed Hot Tubs for several months and when the climate changed and outside work slowed down I started spending more time in our retail store. Soon I was selling Hot Tubs and chemicals in addition to my outside duties.

I’ve always felt that the talented people in our industry are not the ones who know how to replace a pump, or perform a sand change. The technical stuff can be learned. I decided that talent in our industry is the people that can talk to a customer, listen to their needs and address those needs accordingly. Essentially the easiest way to make a sale is by not trying to get into the customers pocket, but rather helping them with their problem. I have used this approach in every position I have held and it has served me well.

 To make a long story short, I was promoted to Service Manager and ultimately General Manager. I now work for Memphis Pool in multiple areas helping our customers discover the joys of water, especially hydro massage therapy. I am grateful to the pool industry for improving my quality of life. Still to this day, I soak in my tub for pain relief. I still soak for sleeping aid. I now have a family and they too enjoy our hot tub. My wife and I have spent many nights mapping out the week ahead from the internal warmth of our hot tub. My son and daughter use the tub too. Those moments together have become a valuable time to talk to mom and dad. I can’t recall how many discussions I’ve had with my wife and kids while sitting in our tub, under the stars. Hydro-massage therapy has changed my life and I hope I can help more people discover the benefits it can have for them too.

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Memphis Pool is a long standing member of the Master Pools Guild and has contributed greatly to the success of the pool and spa industry.  For more information on Memphis Pool we encourage you to visit their website at www.memphispool.com 

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